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DSA Malaysia Exhibition - 14-17 April 2014
Mechem will be at the DSA Malaysia Exhibition from 14 April - 17 April 2014.
AAD – South Africa - 17 - 21 September 2014
AAD will again bring some of the world’s most exciting military and civilian vehicles together to showcase vehicles across the unrivalled tracks during AAD2014 over the 5 days (17-21 September 2014).
Dog Handler (NDD)
4 Feb 14 – 25 Apr 14
EOD Level 2/3
1 Apr 14 – 25 Apr 14
Dog Handler(MDD/EDD)
27 May 14 – 15 Aug 14

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MECHEM had its origins as the Applied Chemistry Unit (ACU) of the CSIR (Counsel for Scientific and Industrial Research of South Africa) tasked with research and development of mechanical and chemical solutions to defence related problems giving way to the name MECHEM.

The cessation of the border war in the 1980’s saw MECHEM changing its focus from largely R&D to demining and started commercial demining in 1991. MECHEM is a subsidiary of Denel (Pty) Ltd and wholly owned by South African government.

MECHEM, a global leader in creating a safer world, through providing continuous quality:-
Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) Clearance Solutions
Specialized Canine Products and Services
Mine Protected Vehicles
Ancillary Equipment
Related Skills Development